Pilates classes in Billingshurst, Horsham, West Sussex and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Welcome to our online classes!

How can we help?

We will give you the skills and efficient movement strategies to walk away from our class and use when gardening, walking, horse riding, running, cycling, sailing, para gliding, swimming, athletics, bowls clubs, skiing. the list goes on, and on.

You will need to bring along some will power though, as often our clients are much more capable than
... they think they are and we will seek to find and explore your limits and empower you to move with confidence and remove boundaries to movement. You will be amazed what we will teach you and how amazing you can be.

What makes PilatesWise unique?

* We keep class sizes small with a maximum of 12 participants in halls and 5 in our studio.

* Our training is second to none, Body Control pilates certification is the best training there is, a benchmark for safe teaching worldwide.

* As teachers we have access to workshops and courses delivered by the worlds best teachers

* We remain committed to our personal development in order to always be teaching you as best and up to date as possible with the latest science and research in the field of movement.

* We look at technical detail, we do not instruct, we will train you to take care of yourself and understand your body better, as well as be more confident, balanced and coordinated.

* We teach you to be mindful about movement day in day out and give you the technique to assess what you are doing and what may be going well, or going wrong.

* We ensure you progress and meet your goals.

* We offer monthly membership which includes benefits - please googles PilatesWise and see our website.

* I have 17 years pilates experience of doing pilates myself and 10 as a teacher of pilates. I believe hugely in the importance of continuing personal development and never being complacent and so and train twice weekly with a master teacher trainer and a leading pilates instructor worldwide and I attend regular workshops and conferences to ensure i am always up to date with the latest science.

Everybody is different, nobody is perfect and we believe strongly at PilatesWise that everyone can benefit from Pilates. If you are an athlete or a busy mum, if you spend a long time sitting at a desk or lifting and carrying, if you simply enjoy sports and are looking for a new challenge, there are so many benefits. With the resounding success of Pilates, many physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors now recommend Pilates as one the safest and most effective forms of exercise available. The evidence speaks for itself.

Jump on board the pilates bandwagon, you wont look back.

Owner, PilatesWise
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Insured By: Balans
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